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13 Apr
  • Crystal Camp

  • April 13th, 2022

As a society we are all looking for the little things we can do to combat climate change. The number one way to combat climate change is to reduce energy use overall.  Here at Inovis Energy, we decided to make a living combating climate change through energy efficiency. We optimize buildings, parking lots and several other location types, to use less energy which takes stress off the power grids everywhere we work. While home efficiency projects are important, the majority of emissions come from: commercial buildings, Office buildings, Schools of all sizes, Healthcare Centers, and Hospitality providers. They account for roughly 38% of commercial building energy consumptionLuckily, we work with each of these types of businesses to reduce their energy use!

How does energy efficiency make a difference and make money?

Energy efficiency is a big industry. Whether you are doing retrofits in aging buildings or adding EV charging stations to company parking lots, energy efficiency is a great way to make money and give back to the environment. 

An average ESCO, Energy Services Company, can easily save as much as 10 gigawatt hours per year. This prevents over 7,087 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere annually. While our jobs are fairly straightforward, but somebody has to do it. 

8.8 gigawatt hours = 1213 homes electricity use per year

In addition, many of the people in our industry continue to show-up to work every day because we know we are making a difference in the world which we feel good about it.  With the world at a tipping point as far as human consumption and consciousness of resources, this is an entire industry focused on reducing energy use, while saving other companies money at the same time. The people and the environment win. How would you like to be able to say that about your job?

What type of energy efficiency jobs help save the planet?

Solutions Consultants 

Solutions Consultants need to be self-motivated, and have general knowledge of electrical contracting, design, distribution and construction processes.

Skills required:

  • Experience in energy project sales
  • Experience working with local utility programs 
  • Ability to identify prospects, perform site audits, design projects in Excel, and interact with contractors, customers and our Project Management team.
Project Coordinator

Project coordinators are responsible for general logistics and on-site support for on-going projects. They work under a project manager to ensure projects reach completion effectively and efficiently. Project coordinators oversee small parts of larger projects and must be able to:

  • Receive and inventory material
  • Verify and document scopes of work
  • Ensure site cleanliness
  • Meet and maintain relationships with various vendors/contractors
  • Support commissioning of systems
  • Regularly lift objects over 25lbs

To be a project coordinator you must have a reliable means of transportation, driving to and from job sites on a daily basis is necessary. Punctuality is also imperative. You must be able to communicate with clients, contractors, vendors, etc. in a professional manner. Not to mention, this role typically requires the use of spreadsheets, email, as well as other MS Office applications. 

Workplace diversity

Not an engineer? Every company has some sort of marketing coordinator, at least they should. From creating blogs and social media posts, to analyzing market trends, everything a marketer does contributes to the direction of the business. Not to mention how much information they get to learn in the process. Understanding website functions and knowing how to present information professionally, is just as important as talking to the customers directly. Since marketers aren’t engineers, they can make external communication easier for many companies. 

Not a local?

Another great thing about ESCO’s, there are buildings everywhere which need optimization. We never run out of work, and you don’t need to live near the home office anymore. We exist in a digital age and all the materials you could need for your job can easily be emailed or shipped to you. 

This also means that travel is expected from virtually everyone except HR. How great is it to be able to have variety in your day? One day might involve a visit to a school upstate to do a site map, or you might need to run over to inspect the HVAC system at a local hospital. Instead of sitting in an office every-single-day wouldn’t you like a bit of variety regularly? 

What is the next big movement we see the need to support?

As the country moves towards Electrical Vehicles being the standard, our grids will need to support the charging of all Electric Vehicles. The three grids only have so much energy, which is why the energy companies like to incentivize large buildings to use less energy. Energy efficiency has a persistent benefit to the functionality of our power grids. The more efficient the grids are, the more reliable the grids remain.