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Inovis Energy, Inc. Provides a Wide Variety of Energy Saving Solutions to the Retail Industry

Your merchandise only looks as good as the lighting in which it is viewed. And with the increasing competition online and offline, the shopping experience counts for everything.
Let Inovis Energy, Inc. provide you with energy-efficient lighting systems that will both enhance the appeal of your wares, and reduce the profit-draining costs that come from your current inefficient lighting. State-of-the-Art LED lighting can create the perfect mood for retail shopping. Introduce colored accents and varying light intensity from precision detail spots to gentle washes all with an unbelievably low cost of operation.

Be sure your customers are seeing your products in the best light and watch that turn-rate multiply.

Inovis Energy, Inc. is a turn-key provider of energy conservation initiatives both locally and nationally. We advocate on your behalf to obtain utility incentives and tax credits that allow you to capitalize on the dollars available to you.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure you maximize your profitability by reducing the energy you consume while improving the environment in which you work.

In addition to helping retailers save energy costs on lighting. Inovis Energy, Inc. can also optimize for savings in your…

  • Occupancy Controls
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Wireless Room Controls
  • HVAC Improvements
    (VFD, EC Motors, Chiller Retrofits)
  • Steam Trap Retrofits