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Inovis Energy Provides a Wide Variety of Energy Saving Solutions to the Healthcare Industry

All Hospitals are driven by energy. For most hospitals, energy costs are among the largest line items on their P&L statement. Inovis Energy works with all types of healthcare facilities to find innovative ways to reduce energy use and maximize profits.

In the healthcare industry, the patients are the number one priority, from comfort level to safety, there are many finances that ensure outstanding patient care, energy costs should not be one of them. With help from Inovis Energy, healthcare businesses can make it easy to care for their patients, maintain facilities, maintenance, and ultimately cut costs on energy consumption.

LED technology can reduce energy efficiency up to 65%, ultimately reducing the facilities energy bill, while maintaining the required high- quality light input, not only improving safety with glass free solutions but eliminating heavy metals.

Inovis Energy can help healthcare facilities save money on energy costs with…


  • Occupancy Controls
  • Interior/Exterior Lighting
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Wireless Room Controls
  • HVAC Improvements (VFD, EC Motors, Chiller Retrofits)
  • Steam Trap Retrofits