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21 Oct
  • Sergio Zuniga

  • October 21st, 2021

Disaster and loss of life are not the only potential effects of this pandemic. In fact, there is a silver lining we can see through the recent clouds of grey we’ve all been living through.

In my life, some of the greatest challenges I’ve faced (death, divorce, marriage, parenting, and career difficulties) have resulted in the greatest areas of growth in my life – and I’m not done yet!

Walt Disney, Cindy Lauper, and Willie Nelson are examples of people that took a risk, significantly failed, then rose to a high level of success.  In the depths of difficulty I suspect that each of them had a change of context – a way to view their difficulty as a training ground for something better.

COVID-19 has been a major disruption for us all. The question to ponder is, are there things we can glean out of this difficulty and ongoing uncertainty? Are there silver linings that can positively impact our lives, and the lives of the people in the world around us? 
I have found much value in the forced slow down.  I have realized that re-established connections never should have been considered “passe” in the first place.  Have I been so focused on increase (which is important), that it cost me both human and spiritual connection?

The Coronavirus threat and resulting shut down have been a great training ground for me. They have allowed me to recognize that some of my priorities were off.  Those priorities have been shifted, and I am thankful for the realization of how important connection is in my life.

The most significant difference between humans and the rest of earthly creation does not lie in the physical shapes and sizes of animals, plants, and other living things.  Rather, it’s the ability to change context, or see from a different perspective.

Hope remains.

How about you?