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KS Partners – Andover Landing

Project Overview

Inovis Energy worked with KS Partners to provide new LED lighting and occupancy controls at their Andover Landing at Brickstone Square in Andover, MA.

The Before

Andover Landing at Brickstone Square had fluorescent lighting fixtures in the common areas, stairwells and exterior. They had an existing controls solution that could be improved.

The Solution

KS Partners commissioned Inovis to design and install a solution to increase lighting levels while reducing energy costs. Inovis installed a new LED lighting and smart controls, which were commissioned with cost-reducing lumen levels and schedules.

The After

The light levels improved overall. The stairwells were programmed with occupancy controls that dim when vacant and re-illuminate when motion is sensed. The exterior fixtures were replaced with LED fixtures that maintained.

“Inovis did a fantastic job from beginning to end. Very professional and helpful throughout the process. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership with Inovis.” – Todd Greenfield | VP-Director KS Partners


KS Partners – Andover Landing



Time Frame:

2.1 Days