Eastern Nazarene College – Gymnasium Lighting

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Eastern Nazarene College – Gymnasium Lighting

Project Overview

Inovis Energy was selected by Eastern Nazarene College to provide new LED lighting and occupancy controls in the Lahue Center Gymnasium at their campus located in Quincy, MA

The Existing

The Lahue Center Gymnasium at Eastern Nazarene College was lit by high-output fluorescents in the gym and failing fluorescent wraps in the lower training rooms and lockers areas. The exterior was lit by high pressure sodium wall packs.

A Winning Solution

ENC engaged with several full-service energy efficiency companies to design the LED upgrade. Inovis Energy was able to provide an attractive solution that fit within the budget. Inovis was also able to maximize the authorized rebate from National Grid and secure on-bill-repayment of the balance.

The Results

The light levels in the gym area were improved and the fixtures can withstand the impact of sports equipment. In the lower rooms and corridors, light levels were improved significantly while providing the school with reduced operating costs.

“The new lighting came out great. Inovis really pulled everything together nicely. The difference in the gymnasium lighting is like night and day, we are very pleased with the final result.” – JIM GARDNER | Director of Facilities


Eastern Nazarene College – Gymnasium Lighting



Time Frame:

2.1 Days